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JPlanet Entertainment LLC

Miami, Florida based music, publishing, tv, apps and record production Limited Liability company. Oficially opened in Poland in 2007 as JPlanet Entertainment (worked before together as a family business changed to Goblin Records from 2001) and moved to United States of America in 2013. With multi awarded and nominated in Poland and Grammy Award winning artists JPlanet Entertainment has developed from a family company to much more bigger thanks to great and amazing people and their work.

"Music, media, people and working together is my passion. God is good and is sendig us great, real, honest people!" - Mikolaj Jaskolka - CEO/MGMR of JPlanet Entertainment LLC.

Part of nominations and awards: EMA 2008 (Eska Music Awards), Viva TV (MTV Poland), Famka (Radio Fama Awards) and many more.

Brands/sub-labels: JPlanet Entertainment (Dance/Pop/Electronica); JPlanet Classical (Classical Music) ; JPlanet Playhouse (Children's Music) ; JPlanet Lounge (Lounge ; Jazz ; Chillout) ; Blue Danceroom Records (Dance Compilations) ; Blue Gameplanet Records (Music from games, old computer systems) ; Cream Dance Records (Polish Dance, Disco) JPlanet Electronica (Electronic Music) Double Studio (Movie production brand); Are You Serious Games (Mobile applications production brand) Works by JPlanet Entertainment / Edition JPlanet Entertainment (US and Europe based publishing/sub-publishing).

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JPlanet Playhouse

JPlanet Lounge

Blue Danceroom Records

Blue Gameplanet Records

Cream Dance Records

JPlanet Electronica

Music Publishing

Works by JPlanet Entertainment (USA Publishing)

Edition JPlanet Entertainment / Roba Music Verlag (rest of the world)

Movie Production

Double Studio

(Movie production brand)

Application Market

Are You Serious Games ?!

(Mobile applications production brand)


Goblin Records / JPlanet

JPlanet Entertainment LLC:

[JP1301] Dj Cargo - Fly Away

[JP1302] Catscan - Electronic Culturo

[JP1303] Farenthide & Hubertuse feat. Kitch - Tonight

[JP1304] Digital Mode & Bueno Clinic - I Like Groove

[JP1305] Catscan - Tornado

[JP1306] Mil Romeo - Break It

[JP1307] Ajvas & Dj East - Ambma

[JP1308] Dnt and Matt Remake! - New Midnight

[JP1309] Farenthide & Hubertuse - Bomb Shaker

[JP1310] Elephunk! - Turbo Loader

[JP1311] O!ZOmatic - Hypnotize

[JP1312] Various Artists - Club J Miami Sessions vol.1

[JP1313] Mecanisator - Saw

[JP1314] O!ZOmatic - GO!

[JP1315] v1r00z and Arcanix - After The Sunset

[JP1316] Mil_Romeo - Cosmos

[JP1317] Hollywood & Tom B - Higher Love

[JP1318] Infected Bros - Sunlight

[JP1319] Bueno Clinic - Get Up

[JP1320] MBrother - Believe

[JP1323] Son!k - Rock The House

[JP1324] Elephunk! and Mil Romeo - Energize

[JP1326] MBrother - Trebles 2013

[JP1327] R06 and Doncamello - Paradise

[JP1328] MBrother - Trebles (Dj Cargo Remix)

[JP1329] Mil Romeo - Motherf* Breakbeat

[JP1331] Fubu vs Farenthide & Hubertuse feat. Corey Andrew - Live It Up

[JP1401] MBrother & Mil Romero - Cafe Del Mar 2014 (Cafeteria 14)

[JP1402] V1r00z - Away

[JP1403] Max Farenthide - Lili

[JP1404] MBrother - If I Could

[JP1405] Dj Cargo & O!zomatic - Louder

[JP1406] V1r00z - Overdrive

[JP1407] Bueno Clinic and David Jones - Never Let The Party Stop

[JP1408] Paul Dave and Jagwa - All The Girls

[JP1409] Beattraax - Skyline

[JP1410] OIZOmatic - Drop The Beat

[JP1411] Farenthide & Hubertuse - Tweet

[JP1412] Slayback - Thunder

[JP1413] Awakers - Earthquake

[JP1414] Paul Dave feat. Jeppe Riddervold - Words

[JP1415] Elephunk! - 2K4_2K14

[JP1416] Ian Davecore feat. Sanna Hartfield - I wasnt

[JP1417] Slayback - Drop It

[JP1418] MBrother & Dj Cargo - Promises

[JP1419] MBrother - Wazzup

[JP1420] DJ Combo - Airplane

[JP1421] DJ Cargo - Sexy Jump

[JP1422] Dj Cargo - Let's Go

[JP1501] Fastsouls - High Up

[JP1502] Awakers - Hypnosis

[JP1503] DJ Combo feat. Vera - Party Girl Wants To Bounce

[JP1504] Miami Reest & Light Attack - Big Rocket

[JP1505] Dj Combo & Donnie Ozone - We Make The Party Girls Bounce

[JP1506] Wavefirez & Swift - Black & White

[JP1507] Adrian Melbrand - Dream

[JP1508] V1r00z and Arcanix feat. Kadi - In My Memories 2015

[JP1509] Adrian Melbrand - Space

[JP1510] MBrother - Ooo

[JP1511] Sax Killa - My House

[JP1512] Dj Cargo & Wave Rocket - Let's Go

[JP1513] Dj Combo feat Vera & Donnie Ozone - Thinking About You

[JP1514] DJ Cargo - Sexy Jump Rework

[JP1515] MBrother - Hold On EP

[JP1516] Slayback - Dj

[JP1517] Wave Rocket & Dj Cargo - Feeling Away

[JP1518] Sample Boss - Arabian Trap

[JP1519] Dushia & Bel-Mondo - Change Me

[JP1520] Desire feat. Nathan Brumley - Poletergeist

[JP1521] Mack Wielochowsky - 4 hours

[JP1522] Slayback - Kermit

[JP1523] MBrother & Mil Romeo - Children

[JP15A01] Elephunk! - The Very Best Of

[JP1601] Krist Van D - Over Now

[JP1602] Dj Cargo - Fat Beat

[JP1603] Dj Cargo - Follow The Flow

[JP1604] Sander-7 - Freaky!

[JP1605] Dj Cargo - Dance To The Stars

[JP1606] Wet Bounce - Bounce Now!

[JP1607] CrazyCross & E-Bonit - Jumper

[JP1608] MBrother - I Found It

[JP16A01] MBrother - Then And Now

[JP1701] Wet Bounce - The Message

[JP1702] Hollywood & Uche - Peponi

[JP1703] Dj Cargo - Let's Run

[JP1704] Wet Bounce - Who

[JP1705] Dj Cargo - Everybody

[JP1706] House Inc Maniac - Can't Let Go

[JP1707] Toca Bass - Put Your Hands Up

[JP1708] House Inc Maniac - Give It Time

[JP1709] Dj Old Schooler - Don't Stop EP

[JPC1702] Various Artists - Ultimate Fitness Volume 1

JPlanet Electronica:

[JP1701] M.E.P.MBrother Electronica Project - New Life (Album)

Blue Gameplanet Records:

Blue Game Classics - Super Mario Bros Theme

JPlanet Classical / JClassical:


El E Classical - Star Wars Theme

El E Classical - Toccata & Fugue in D Minor (BWV 565)

Henryk Grzeslo Synthetic Orchestra - Elegy to the Victims of Smolensk (Elegia Ku Czci Ofiar Smolenska)

[JP17A01] Piano Music Collection - Power Of Love

JPlanet Lounge:

[JP17A02] Chillout Music Collections - Keep Calm And Relax


Dj Cargo feat. Robson & Pati - Move Your Body

Dj Cargo feat. Robson & Pati - It's On You

Dj Cargo feat. Robson & Pati - Keep On Dancing

Bueno Clinic - Away

Bueno Clinic - Sex Appeal

Blue Danceroom Records:

Mr Harmoszku - Moj Kraft (My Craft)

Mr Harmoszku - Wakacje W Egipcie

Mr Harmoszku - Harmoszka

Mr Harmoszku - Oczy

Mr Harmoszku - Polak

Mr Harmoszku - Nie spac, zwiedzac

JPlanet Entertainment Poland:


This Is ... Rave and Dance (JPlanet / Kontor New Media)

Sax 4 Sex: Jazz, Funk and Lounge

Bass Test: Car Hits (Best Music 4 Your Car!)

Magia Swiat: Wigilijne Koledowanie

Dj Hubertus and Dj Thomas prezentuja: Energy Mix Zima 2009

Chillout Session vol. 2

Techno Jazda mixed by: MBrother

Piano Music Collection: Sila Milosci

Max Farenthide Live Show

House Session vol.2

Techno Mix vol. 2 mixed by Disco Superstars


Spij, Kochanie - Najdelikatniejsze kolysanki w formie pozytywki

Sleepless Ambient Night

Cheerleaders Hits vol. 1

Dj Cargo - Jump To The Bass, Jump To The Music! (Album)

Internet Hits vol.1

Misio Mimi i Dzieciaki - Zabawy Dla Twoich Dzieci

Elvis Presley - Spankox Re:Versions (JPlanet)

Sushi Chillout Music (My Music / JPlanet)

House Party (My Music / JPlanet)

Max Farenthide - Academy Of Dance (My Music / JPlanet)

Techno Mix Mixed by MBrother / Pompero (My Music / JPlanet)

Techno Jazda Mixed by Dj Cargo! (My Music / JPlanet)

Techno Jazda Mixed by The Breezer! (My Music / JPlanet)

Techno Jazda Mixed by Forseco (My Music / JPlanet)

Techno Jazda Mixed by Max Farenthide (My Music / JPlanet)

Radiostacja Mastermix by MBrother (My Music / JPlanet)

MBrother - In The Mix (My Music / JPlanet)


Elvis Presley - Baby Let's Play House (Spankox Re:Version) / Poland

Disco Superstars feat. Inusa Dawuda - Sweet Love / My Life

Max Farenthide pres Disco Superstars - Slice Me Nice

Max Farenthide pres Disco Superstars - Can You Feel It

Dj Cargo and D-Verse - Jump To The Bass

Dj Cargo and D-Verse - Jump To The Future

Dj Cargo and D-Verse - No more tears (4 this Christmas)

Dj Santa Claus - Merry Christmas Song

Mickey Jacob - Children 2008

Mickey Jacob - Feel

MBrother - What (Re-make)

MBrother vs Forseco - Diabolissimo

MBrother - I cant wait no more

MBrother - Carnival Marimba

MBrother pres Lemon Trees - Say It

The Breezer - Keep Rockin

The Breezer - Into The Night

The Breezer - Freak Me Out

Rockpile - Let Me Go

Tom Gattor - Shake It Shake It

Forseco - Insane

Forseco - Calling Girls

Forseco - No Act

Forseco feat Ian Lonewood - Over It

Forseco - Egyptian Night

Leon JD - Saxo

Toddy Todd - Take It Up

Labuza - Party Z

Not Complete DJs - Move In Me

Not Complete DJs - Rock With You

Powerbasse - Get This Party Started

Pompero - Pompero

Pompero - Rumpo

Saxophone Masters - Song 4

Exclusive - Ugly

Tatanx feat. Dj Sound Ripper - So Sexy

Josh Mosh - Play Games

Kak Elektronik - Signal Ready

Castonik - Tecktonik Dance

Leon JD - Saxo

Ramanta - Ice Creams and Kola

Josh Mosh - Siempre (Carnival Mix)

Antonio Garcia - I Want You

Armando - Satisfaction (Dance with me)

Baggy Boy - Elektro

Black Armando - All Right

Black Armando - All Right (Forseco Remix)

Black Armando - Love

Copycut33 - Cut Me

Crystal Heaven - Christmas Star

Ducky Duck - Ducky Duck

Famous Johnny - Single Day

Josh Mosh - Hit Electric

Josh Mosh - Komplikatzion

Jumping Junkes - Can U Feel It

Jumping Junkies - Crazy Anthem 3

Jumping Junkies - Happy Time

Jumping Masterz - Crime

Kak Electronic - Ruskije Melodie

Martin and Hatzy - Fashion House

Mather Spencer - Magnetic Cumulous

Maxi Jay - After The Moonlight

Non Toxic - Santo

Paradise Beach - Sunset

Potty Man - I like You

Potty Man - Where Is

Punkte - Ruff Mich An

Push'n Pull - Feelings

Russian Boys Blue - Jumping Game

UCA - Future

Unlogistic - Mineral

Uto Freaks - Give Me Freaks

Jumping Junkies - Jumping Anthem 1

Pottyman - One More Time

[Goblin Records + JPlanet Licensing]

[GBLLC023] Get Wicked Get Ready

[GBLLC022] Max Farenthide Take My Hand

[GBLLC021] Forseco Calling Girls

[GBLLC020] Powerbasse Dance Mode

[GBLLS003] Mike Wind Marc Korn On My Way

[GBLLS002] Raverdiago Pupananny

[GBLLS001] Jordy Baccano One and Only

[GBLLC019] Tom Frisco Don't Go Away

[GBLLC018] Delight54 Delight

[GBLLC017] Electroglide Superstar Feelin'

[GBLLC016] Elephunk! Beats

[GBLLC015] Get Wicked Get Wicked

[GBLLC014] Piesek Leszek Hau Hau

[GBLLC013] Jumping Junkies Jumping Anthem 1

[GBLLC012] Potty Man One More Time

[GBLLC011] Staircase Oxygene Essential

[GBLLC010] Max Farenthide The Passion

[GBLLC009] Brainiac Let The Beat Control Your Body

[GBLLC008] Dj Magic vs Max Farenthide Get Down

[GBLLC007] Dj Magic To The Club

[GBLLC006] Kalwi Remi - Imagination

[GBLLC005] HiQ vs The Breezer! Into The Night

[GBLLC004] The Breezer! Keep Rockin'

[GBLLC003] Forseco Insane

[GBLLC002] MBrother What (Re-Make)

[GBLLC001] Only2 vs Riba pres. Newboy Colours of Love

[GBL021] Outsize - Part Of You (vinyl)

[GBL020] Spring Fever - Give Me More ! (incl.Dj Manian vs Tune Up! Forseco Electro-House Remixes) (vinyl)

[GBL019] MBrother pres. Tip Top - Tell Me (incl.Verano,C-Bool Remixes) (vinyl)

[GBL018] Bitter Sweet - First Sight (vinyl / one sided promo white label)

[GBL017] Elephunk! - Axel E.P. (cdr promo)

[GBL016] Spring Fever - Alone (cdr promo)

[GBL015] Forseco - La Vida (incl. Elephunk! remix) (cdr promo)

[GBL014] Shrub - High Voltage! (incl. Enigmato remix) (cdr promo)

[GBL013] MBrother - What (F*ck It !) incl. C-Bool rmx (cdr promo)

[GBL012] Mikko - Rock'n'Beat (cdr promo)

[GBL011] Booty Call - Pump (cdr promo)

[GBL010] Tommy van Cute - Hard Harmony EP (cdr promo)

[GBL009] Elephunk! - 10 tonn! (F*ckin' Beats) (cdr promo)

[GBL008] Dj Slave - Back In Time (cdr promo)

[GBL007] F.Diamond - Star (cdr promo)

[GBL006] MBrother - Trebles (cdr promo)

[GBL005] Mikko - Trilogy EP Remixes (cdr promo)

[GBL004] Mikko - Trilogy EP (cdr promo)

[GBL003] Tommy van Cute - Shock ! (cdr promo)

[GBL 002] MIXmasters - Digiloo Digiley / Noch Da (cdr promo)

[GBL 001] MIXmasters - Noch Da (vinyl)


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